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About Us

35 Years

Of Experience

Behind The Wheels of Cars, Trucks & Buses

Less Gears ™

We have been serving the Driver Training Industry since 1983 and have successfully trained the armed forces and corporate industry whilst maintaining our connections with the private sector. And after all that experience we have found that the intensive course is the way to pass quick, so if you want your licence fast please book one of our intensive courses.

You may ask why do we only do automatics, after all these years of experience?

Its now common knowledge that in the near future, all cars will be automatic as all electric cars (Most HGV's and Buses) are now.

Gears will become a thing of the past, so why bother to learn something or in our case teach something that will be outdated in the very near future.

We are here to help you (the customer) and we will adapt to your needs. Our experience will help you with all of your driving needs.

Some of our students have gone onto manual lessons, after gaining valuable road sense in our automatic cars, thereby, finding the transission to manual cars so much easier.

We offer the following services:

*Intensive/Semi Intensive courses

*Pick up drop off from home or work

*Test Failures

*Refresher courses

*Mock Tests

*Advanced Training up to the DIA Advanced or Elite


*Motorway Lessons (Including Test Ready Candidates)

*Manual Training (Pupils car)

*Modern Training aids

*Fully qualified ADI (Car) instructors

*Fully qualified DVSA (HGV/Bus) instructors

*Holder of Diamond Elite Trainer and Examiner certificate

*Help with free theory training (Theory Test Pro)

*In car CCTV for your and our protection

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